About us

Hey, I’m Thomas, a 31-year-old professional from Munich. My hobbies and interests are rugby and hiking besides my professional life as a senior developer. Now you might wonder why I created this website.

To be honest, I’ve always found VPS programs fascinating in terms of how they work and the many ways they can be used. Of course, I’m talking about legal activities like accessing TV shows, channels, apps, and movies that aren’t available abroad due to geolocation blocks on the content. And in many countries, this is a reality. For example, people who are in the US can access German TV channels through a VPN provider. Without disguising your IP address, the content would have been blocked otherwise.

So with this website, I want to provide you with useful information so that you never miss your favorite shows again.

And to share the information with you, I have a team of three superstars who help me with the daily work of content creation and website maintenance.

Juri, a 25-year-old male, helps plan and execute content, while Vanessa takes care of the best graphics and images for our pages and the website. She personally designed the logo for this section.

Jonathan helps us optimize and develop the website to make it work even better and faster.

In reality, we are a very well-coordinated team that likes to hang out together and contribute to this project in our spare time. We often go out and have a beer or two.

So we look forward to welcoming you to our community!